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Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal:

A procurement process of a value less than JD5, 000, and it is one of the procurement processes enlisted within the Supplies Legal System No.32 for the year 1993, in addition to its following amendments. .

The terms relevant to the bidder receiving a Request for Proposal are as follows:

  1. Providing a valid vocational license
  2. Providing a copy of the commercial register

Procedure of purchasing supplies through Request for Proposals:

  1. The committee to visit the bidders and provide them with an invitation for entering the bid
  2. The committee to contact bidders through phone/fax and send them a bid letter

Supporting documents for tender invitations:

  1. Tenders’ Regulations No.1 for the year 2008, and their following amendments. (Download Form/Arabic)
  2. Bill of Quantities
  3. Tender Summary
  4. Bid Bond (Download Form/Arabic)
  5. Performance Bond (Download Form/Arabic)
  6. Maintenance Bond (Download Form/Arabic)
  7. Personal Declaration (Download Form/Arabic)
  8. Declaration on behalf of H.E Secretary General (Download Form/Arabic)

For inquiries regarding any purchasing tender, kindly contact the Committees Secretary

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