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Refilling Stamp Machines

Dear Citizens,

It is our pleasure to serve you. For any inquiries regarding any related service, kindly contact the Public Revenues Directorate.

009624636321- 495/493   :   Telephone No
009624619537      Fax No   :   E-mail
Al Abdali, King Hassan St. (Main center, 2nt floor)   :   Address



  • Government Institution.
  • Private Institution.


Required Documents:

  • A check of the required amount.
  • The Incoming Machine.
  • The receipt invoice according to which the amounts required to fill the machines at government departments were transferred.

Average time needed to complete this service:

  • 15 minutes.

Place of service provision:

  • At the center.
  • Public Revenues Directorate, Stamps Fees and Financial Forms Division.
  • Financial directorates and centers in governorates and province.


Work Procedures:

  • Bringing in the Stamps Machine to be filled.
  • Bringing in a check of the amounts, as well as the receipt invoices according to which fees are transferred (related to government departments).
  • Regulating a collection order with the amount.
  • Checking the machine’s ascending and descending meter.
  • Having the formed committee fill the machine according to regulations.