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Ministry’s Projects


          The Retirement and Compensations Directorate and the Civil and Military Retirement Committees in the
          Ministry of Finance contribute in achieving one of the general objectives of the Ministry of Finance
          presented in providing retirement services for civilian and military retirees through the performance of its
          functions by the completion of retirees transactions on time and ensuring development and improvement
          of the level of services provided to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Government Accountant Program : A training program  aiming to construct the institutional capacities for all workers in the field of government accounting and  finding  the premium financial leaderships in all government institutions


  • Single Treasury Account Project

    The Ministry of Finance strategic plan of the fiscal management reform included
    applying the single treasury account in the ministries, departments and
    government institutions, in order to provide treasury with financial liquidity,
    reduce the borrowing process and mark out the treasury cash position on a regular


  • Project of Building Public Debt Management Strategy

    Determine a general framework for public debt management on the medium term
    which based on the risk analysis of the current debt structure, and the cash flows
    risks of the government financing needs, taking into consideration the borrowing
    cost then set a framework for decision makers on debt structure which contributes
    in mitigating the public debt risks based on the differentiation between costs and


  • Medium-term Fiscal Framework Project

    Establishing a medium-term fiscal framework that includes economic and financial forecasts, for the preparation of a General Budget that takes into accounts future deficits and expenditure limits, so that a sound financial position could be achieved.


  • Providing Infrastructure to Policy Makers

    Providing financial and economic forms for developing relevant forecasts


  • Development of Internal Control Units in the Public Sector

    Enhancing the performance of internal control units in ministries and government departments.

  • E-Payment Project

    Facilitating the procedures related to the online payment of taxes and fees due on corporations and citizens.


  • Cash flow Plan

    Preparing a plane for cash inflow for the best use of resources.


  • E-linking Services

    Computerizing of financial systems and electronically connecting financial centers at governorates for the purposes of promoting decentralization


  • Enhancing control over AGA’s

    Incorporating all ministries, government departments, and independent institutions in inspections conducted by the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Audit Bureau, for the purposes of maintaining public money.


  • MOF Training and Capacity Building

    Enriching human and knowledge resources at the Ministry of Finance.


  • Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)- Jordan joined at the beginning of 2010

    Continue work on the commitment to publish government data according to international standards to maintain Jordan's accession to the SDDS.