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Government Lawsuits

Collecting Public Funds


Government Institution.

 Required Documents

An official request from applicant.

Average time needed to complete this service

90 days (the time needed to settle the amount to be collected)

Place of Service Provision

At the center: The Legal Affairs and Public Funds Directorate, Public Funds Collection Division.

Other authorities participating in the completion of this service

  1. The Prime Ministry’s Diwan.
  2. Administrative governor.
  3. Land and Survey Department.
  4. Criminal Investigation Department and the police.
  5. Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department. Securities Commission.

Work Procedures

  1. Entering the request into the automated public funds system.
  2. Regulating an official notice for the targeted respondent.
  3. Publishing the name of the targeted respondent in the Official Gazette.
  4. Having the Administrative Governor issue an order to confiscate the funds of the targeted respondent.
  5. Implementing the confiscation order at the Land and Surveys Department and Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department.
  6. Deducting one third (1/3) the working employee’s salary.
  7. Deducting one third (1/3) of the retiree’s pension.
  8. Confiscating the assets of the targeted respondent at commercial banks.

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