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Legal Consultations Unit (Directorate level)
  1. Providing legal consultations in the field of administrative decisions related to employees and public jobs.
  2. Preparing the legal wording of administrative decisions issued by related departments, in order to avoid pleads before specialized authorities.
  3. Preparing necessary drafts of laws, bylaws, and instructions for related ministries.
  4. Providing legal advice related to Arab and International agreements that tackle the ministry’s activities.
  5. Work on issuing groups legislation that contain laws, bylaws and instructions related to the ministry and decisions of the Diwan related to the interpretation of laws, in addition to related decisions taken by the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Court of Justice. Work also includes continuously supplementing these groups of legislation with any subsequent amendments.
  6. Saving and documenting the legal references necessary for the ministry’s work, including laws, bylaws, instructions, explanation, circulars, legal encyclopedias, and the Official Gazette.
  7. Studying the inquiries of the Audit Bureau from a legal perspective then sending recommendations to related authorities.
  8. Contributing to Legislation Bureau’s initial discussions regarding the ministry’s related laws and bylaws.

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