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The Public Treasury Directorate

  1. Preparing the Ministry of Finance annual budget.
  2. Preparing the monthly treasury plan based on expected cash flow.
  3. Supply the ministries’ accounts, government departments’ accounts and the military accounts with the necessary liquidity. This is done in coordination with the General Budget Department through financial ceilings and in accordance with available liquidity, as well the actual needs and budget allocations.
  4.  Preparing actual cash flow statements.
  5. Spending from the allocations in the ministry’s capital and current budget, according to the programs.
  6. Monitoring the ministries’ and departments’ expenditure of allocations processes, as per the General Budget Law and other financial legislations.
  7. Handling the necessary accounting registers to organize treasury entries, then preparing monthly summaries and reports.
  8. Monitoring transactions and balances relevant to the accounts of ministries and government departments at the Central Bank of Jordan and authorized banks, to assess the cash balances of these accounts.
  9. Monitoring cash flows of the off-budget special accounts at the Central Bank of Jordan.
  10. Disbursing different types of trusts and advances, handling and monitoring financial registers and carry out settlements procedures, and keeping related documents.
  11. Monitoring public expenditure accounts at the Central Bank of Jordan, audit and reconcile these accounts and identifying any outstanding balances.
  12. Preparing and organizing periodic reports relevant to public spending and other expenditures.
  13. Monitoring all financial and administrative issues related to international, regional, and Arabic institutions.
  14. Replying to official letters that the directorate receives from any party, as well as giving feedback and recommendations on issues received from related ministries.

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