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The Monitoring and Inspection Directorate

  1. Ensuring that Ministries, departments, and government institutions are implementing laws and regulations related to financial affairs.
  2. Auditing public expenditures, trusts, and advances, in addition to validating their recording, disbursement, classification, and the availability of proper allocations.
  3. Auditing and authorizing disbursement by ministries and dependent government departments.
  4. Auditing public revenues and validating their receipt, recording, classification, and deposit in the treasury’s account at authorized banks regularly and without any delays.
  5. Carrying out periodic and unannounced inspections on different financial units at ministries, departments, and government institutions for the purposes of ensuring the safety of financial procedures, securing the accuracy of accounting data, and measuring the degree to which these bodies abide by the different financial legislations.
  6. Ensuring that documents and financial records determined by financial legislations are kept safely.
  7. Ensuring that all work activities at ministries and government departments are carried out in accordance with laws and regulations. In addition to ensuring that administrative and financial work is done efficiently without any delays.
  8. Ensuring that all financial transactions are recorded in their appropriate registers and that ministries, departments, and government institutions are preparing periodic financial reports on time and without any delays.
  9. Following up on the Audit Bureau’s inquiries that are related to ministries, departments, and government institutions.
  10. Participating in audit committees and investigating financial violations that take place in different government bodies, then raising recommendations to the related authorities and following up on their decisions.    
  11. Offering advice to workers in different financial unites at ministries, departments, and government institutions for the purposes of enabling them to implement financial rules and regulations.
  12. Auditing bank accounts and providing feedback related to financial violations that are discovered during the process of auditing, monitoring and inspection, then transferring them to relevant authorities along with the necessary recommendations.
  13. Participating in inspection and auditing committees formed at the ministry.
  14. Coordinating and cooperating with financial directorates at governorates to ensure proper accounting and financial inspections in all departments, government institutions, as well as preparing reports in regards to any financial violations.
  15. Following up, studying, and analyzing issues as requested by higher management.
  16. Following up on amended laws and regulations that are published in the Official Gazette and providing the directorate’s employees with these legislation.

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