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Human Resources Development Directorate

  1. Carrying out the necessary studies and surveys in order to identify the ministry’s administrative development needs, within the following fields:
       a. Jobs description and classification.
       b. Organizational structure, as well as managerial and job divisions.
       c. Simplification of work procedures.
       d. Studying and updating forms and records that are used from time to time, through coordinating with related directorates.
  2. Fulfilling the ministry’s needs of employees and users through cooperating with the Civil Service Bureau, then following up on their affairs in accordance with rules and regulations related to employees, as well as organizing the required files.
  3. Following up and assessing administrative development programs, then providing periodic reports in this respect.
  4. Receiving suggestions and recommendation relevant to administrative development from directorates and departments in the ministry then studying them and taking the necessary decisions for implementation.
  5. Participating in conferences, meeting, as well as local and international committees relevant to administrative development and training.
  6. Preparing manuals and regulating instructions related to work procedures and styles, in a manner that helps administrative units and clients to benefit from the ministry’s services.
  7. Examining services offered to the public, for the purpose of developing and simplifying. Also, following up on employees complains and find ways to solve them.

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