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The Information Technology & Computers Director
  1. Preparing,developing, following up, and implementing automated administrative and financial systems at the ministry.
  2. Achieving information technology linkage and integration between the ministry’s directorates, as well as with other government institutions.
  3. Preparing, implementing, and following up on security plans for keep data and information at the ministry.
  4. Operating and managing automated devices, instruments, systems and documents, then maintaining them and managing their users, in a manner that ensures the highest levels of protection.
  5. Exchanging information and data with different authorities for the purposes of implementing, developing, and activating the E-Governance Project.
  6. Developing the ministry’s databases.
  7. Offering help and technical support to ministries and government departments in reference to the ministry of finance computer systems and applications.
  8. Periodic maintenance of the ministry of finance operating systems, in addition to ongoing development of operating systems and as needed.
  9. Providing e-mail and internet services to different departments at the ministry.
  10. Supporting all the ministry’s projects in term of IT devices and programs.

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