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The Legal Affairs & Public Funds Directorate
  1. Contributing to studying and drafting laws and regulations related to financial affairs that are referred by specialized authorities from a legal aspect, then ensuring that they do not contradict with other legislations.
  2. Following up on pleads for contested decisions before the Supreme Court of Justice and contacting the public prosecution in this respect.
  3. Studying, following-up and pursuing all lawsuits and claims that arise about the rights of the state and government.
  4. Giving legal feedback on the implementation of laws and regulations that are related to financial affairs.
  5. Studying financial settlements made by the parties in lawsuits or those who have to pay financial dues of public funds or to the treasury.
  6. Executing court rulings (or Judicial rulings) issued against the treasury and gained the degree of peremptory‬.   
  7. Following up on the collection, receipt, and transfer of public funds for the benefit of the treasury or any other authority whose funds are collected as per the Collection Law or other regulations of related authorities and specialized courts.
  8. Studying exemption cases and requests in accordance with the Public Funds Law.
  9. Responding to Audit Bureau’s inquiries and correspondences that are related to the Treasury’s cases.
  10. Regulating the statements of cases against the treasury and entering related data firsthand.
  11. Representing the Ministry of Finance in the Government Lawsuits Committee.
  12. Studying, following up, and developing legislations related to the ministry’s work.
  13. Implementing the current Collections Law.
  14. Coordination and cooperating with financial directorates in governorates, as well as following up on the collection of public funds.

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