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Directorate of Studies and Economic Policies

  1. Following-up with domestic, regional, and international developments. In addition to, studying financial and economic agreements that have been ratified between the government and other parties, as well as analyzing the effects of these agreements on various sectors in the Jordanian economy, and providing recommendations in this regard.
  2. Participating in the development of the state’s fiscal policy, which contributes to the stability of prices, increases job opportunities, promotes investment, and expands national income.
  3. Examining the effect of international economic changes on the national economy.
  4. Preparing studies and researches relevant to the main pillars of the General Budget on regular basis, and measuring the influence of the budget on the different sectors of the national economy.
  5. Examining the effect on the national economy of general budget deficit and the ways in which it can be financed, as well contributing to the preparation and development of the General Budget Law.
  6. Assessing tax policies and procedures, in addition to their repercussions on the investment and the national economy.
  7. Cooperating and coordinating with relevant authorities in order to prepare the Kingdom’s development, economic, and social plans.
  8. Assessing studies, reports, and economic statistics that the directorate receives, then giving feedback and recommendations.
  9. Cooperating and coordinating with the Central Bank of Jordan to achieve integration between the fiscal and monetary policies for the purposes of serving the national economy.
  10. Participating in local and international scientific symposiums and conferences that are relevant to fiscal policies, then submitting work sheets in this regard.
  11. Preparing General Government Financial Bulletins and other bulletins related to the directorate’ work.
  12. Establishing a database of economic indicators, and providing the Minster and the Secretary General with main economic indicators upon availability.
  13. Following up on the implementation of all Financial Management Reform Programs.
  14. Participating in the preparation of a medium term fiscal framework (MTFF), as well as examining and reviewing public expenditure and the medium term public expenditure framework.
  15. Preparing the necessary economic forms for developing forecasts relevant to the national economy.

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