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The Public Debt Directorate

  1. Managing the central government’s public debt in a manner that reduces the costs of borrowing and associated risk.
  2. Participating in the development of the Public Debt Management Strategy
  3. Participating in negotiations and contracting of new loans and issuing domestic debt tools.
  4. Assuring the collection, remediation, and follow-up on both direct and guaranteed government debt
  5. Participating in drafting the annual budget for the purposes of serving public debt, as well as timetables in order to implement them.
  6. Preparing the program and timetable for debt service payments for issues related to approvals and disbursement by the treasury.
  7. Arranging the repayment of debt service through the General Treasury and the Central Bank of Jordan.
  8. Providing the Director of General Budget Department with debt service and timetables of expenditures on regular basis.
  9. Monitoring the implementation of obligations, expenses, and payments relevant to public debt.
  10. Studying the requests of public institutions related to obtaining a borrowing guarantee from the government.
  11. Preparing periodic reports on the general debt of institutions and departments related to the field of debt management.
  12. Preparing the Public Debt Bulletin on quarterly basis.
  13. Preparing the debt portfolio analysis.
  14. Participating in the negotiation process relevant to restructuring debt.
  15. Supervising the implementation of re-lending agreements terms and collecting amounts from beneficiaries.
  16. Examining re-lending agreements and giving any feedback regarding the terms of such agreements.
  17. Suggesting criteria and procedures in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in public debt management operations.

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